Mynachlogddu ~ Wales. Home of our Summer 2018 retreat.

Mynachlogddu ~ Wales. Home of our Summer 2018 retreat.

About Wild Woman 

Wild Woman is a nature immersion retreat. The intention? To empower women to treat themselves with love, acceptance and respect. All women are wild women at heart.

Modern life creates holding patterns that separate us from our inner grounds (our bodies) and the ground of this planet (Mother Earth). Different ailments result from this: toxic relationship patterns, stress, low self esteem, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, overworking, overeating, overthinking...we can become frazzled. The elements are alive and talking to us. But sometimes we forget to listen.

Wild Woman helps us to remember.

The medicine of the soil - the flowers, the trees, the leaves - this is heart medicine. The medicine is also inside the blood that flows through our veins, the liquid that pours from our vaginas, and the breath that fills our lungs. The medicine is within us. And it is us.

Within each of us is the divine force that is – Mother Nature. Nature which will both teach us and heal us. If we are willing to surrender to her song. If we are willing to face ourselves.

These retreats are safe and secure spaces, but ones that will help us all to flourish by pushing us beyond our comfort zones. Like this we unlearn the mental and visceral holding patterns that have collectively and individually separated us from our inner grounds and the ground of this planet.

This is an opportunity to unwind, unplug, de-stress, decompress, reset, relax, celebrate, explore and give thanks for the beautiful gift that is LIFE.