Wild Woman - Bugarach, France

Summer 2020


Photo by Manka Bajaj

Wild Woman France Retreat

Summer 2020

During this special gathering we will be focusing on connecting with life force at its most raw and ecstatic, on honouring the balance between the elements within and without, and on joining as a feminine force to pray for the sacred waters of life. We will nurture our bodies with organic, vegan, gluten free food and nourish our spirits with prayers of every form.

The retreat will honour the life giving element of water through rites, womb cleansing, yoni blessing, water fasting, purifying in the steam of the sweatlodge and praying in sacred caves said to be the former meditation sanctuary of Mary Magdalene. We will also be wild walking, star gazing, wind singing, moon meditating, fire keeping and earth praying…

…you are invited. Join us!

Women-identified, non-binary and trans are very welcome. Please let us know if you have any 'dis'ability so that we can accommodate and make you as comfortable as possible.


Day 1:

  • 6 pm - Arrival, opening ceremony, dinner

Day 2:

  • 7.30 am - Kundalini yoga, meditation, pranayama

  • 9 am - Breakfast and dream sharing

  • 10 am - 1st Womb healing

  • 2 pm - Lunch break, rest, integration

  • 4 pm - Sweatlodge ceremony

  • 9 pm - Dinner

Day 3:

  • 7.30 am - Kundalini yoga, meditation, pranayama

  • 9 am - Breakfast and dream sharing

  • 10 am - Mountain and cave offerings

  • 2 pm - Lunch break, rest, integration

  • 4 pm - Vision Quest starts: fast begins

  • 4 pm - Sweatlodge ceremony

  • 6 pm - Participants planted around land for wild sleeping ritual

  • 9 pm - Team hold space with the fire for the questers throughout the night

Day 4:

  • 7.30 am - Vision Quest ends - participants collected

  • 9 am - Close of fast: breakfast and sharing

  • 10 am - Individual sessions

  • 2 pm - Lunch break, rest, integration

  • 4 pm - 2nd Womb healing

  • 7 pm - Dinner

  • 8 pm - Cacao circle

Day 5:

  • 7.30 am - Kundalini yoga, meditation, pranayama

  • 9 am - Breakfast and dream sharing

  • 11 am - Closing ceremony, offerings, departures

Important Info
Location: Bugarach, France
Investment: €420 Early Bird (till Feb 31st)/ €460 Saver (till April 31st)/ €500 Full Price
Contact: shaktiearthprayer@gmail.com

Meet the Team…


Talitha Colchester - Siddha Kundalini, Womb Work,Sacred Sex, Chanting

Talitha is interested in birth, babies, bodies, wombs, women, wilding, healing, health, happiness, ancestral alignment, addiction recovery, self-love and sacred sexuality. She founded Wild Woman in order to empower women and to honour the earth.

Baptised into the line of Christ as a child, it was through Talitha’s initiation into the esoteric Siddha lineage that she deepened her connection with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

A devoted servant of the sacred feminine, Talitha is honoured to be part of this wild creation, to gather in womb strength and to pray as water carriers and nature guardians.



Shakti Karan Kaur - Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama

Shakti Karan Kaur is a teacher of Kundalini yoga, breathwork and meditation.

Creating spaces that gather communities to heal themselves and their connection to the Earth, she has hosted retreats and workshops focused on sustainable action through ritual in Oman, Guatemala, the UK, the UAE, and Morocco. In a past life, she worked for the government in environmental conservation and led the Jane Goodall’s Institute Roots&Shoots across her home country, the UAE.

Shakti Karan is passionate about Water, Bhakti Yoga, sisterhood and learning from the Yawanawa tradition. A strong believer in the radical benefits of Sadhana, she has faith that any addiction or pattern can heal and enjoys working one-on-one to personalise a daily spiritual practice rooted in the Kundalini tradition. Photo: Amber Zitouni.



Marina Serra - Sweatlodge, Fire, Cacao, Dreamweaving

Marina has always had an interest in nature, healing, ancestral education and indigenous cultures. She began to travel with this study, living in different countries of Latin America to learn about healing and indigenous traditions, from a young age.

Marina works with different natural medicines (among them the sweatlodge and deep bodywork) studying with several healers of different traditions. Marina is a founding member of Arrels Association based in Catalonia, which for years has been actively working organising cultural exchanges with indigenous representatives who work with natural medicine in ancestral traditions. Photo: Charlotte J Ward.